Going to Extremes

The ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes NEXA XFluor® perfluoroelastomer sealing solutions ideal for use in aircraft and aerospace applications.

NEXA XFluor® parts also withstand aggressive aerospace fluids, including jet fuels, engine lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, rocket propellants and oxidizers. Seals fabricated with NEXA XFluor® fluoroelastomer are routinely used in commercial and military aircraft turbine engines, auxiliary power units and hydraulic actuators.

NEXA XFluor® parts and seals have proven their superior performance for more than 20 years in such applications as:

  • Aviation and industrial gas turbine engines
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Bleed air valves and fittings
  • O-rings used in line fittings, connectors, valves, pumps and oil reservoirs
  • Manifold gaskets

Sealing in Aggressive Oil Environments

Prevailing trends in aircraft turbine engine applications converge to push engine thermodynamics to their limits, which manifests in higher operating and soak-back temperatures. As a result, engine manufacturers are driven towards high temperature stabilized oils in order to achieve engine performance and life targets. Specialty types of NEXA XFluor® perfluoroelastomers are being adopted since they display outstanding resistance to these aggressive HTS-type oils.

Additional NEXA compounds for the aerospace industry

NEXA also manufactures sealing solutions in:

  • FKM, suitable to withstand contact with aggressive HTS-type oils and
  • EPDM, particularly suitable to withstant extremely low temperatures and resistant to hydraulic fluids (phosporic esters)

XFluor® 9090

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -3°C to +335°C

AMS 7257c certified

XFluor® 9095

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -3°C to +345°C

AMS 7257c compliant


FKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -32°C to +205°C

AMS-R-83485 compliant


FKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -47°C to +225°C

AMS 7379 compliant


FKM 70 ShA Brown

Temperature range: -58°C to +200°C


FKM 70 ShA Black

Temperature range: -49°C to +225°C

AMS 7379 compliant


EPDM 80 ShA Black

Temperature range: -55°C to +150°C


EPDM 90 ShA Black

Temperature range: -52°C to +150°C

NF-L-17241 compliant


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