Highest chemical resistance and purity

NEXA has a number of sealing solutions suitable for the automotive industry made in: FFKM, FKM, HNBR and EPDM.

NEXA XFluor® O-rings and custom molded solutions have been successfully used for spraying systems dedicated to the automotive industry, ensuring:

  • maximum chemical resistance
  • highest purity
  • minimal particle generation
In addition to the XFluor® compounds listed below NEXA has engineered a number of compounds customized on specific requirements.

XFluor® 8010

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range:

-8°C to +260°C

General purpose applications

Maximum chemical resistance

XFluor® 8014

FFKM 75 ShA White

Temperature range:

-8°C to +250°C

High purity

XFluor® 8026

FFKM 90 ShA White

Temperature range:

-7°C to +250°C

High purity


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