AT NEXA we formulate each compound using different types of polymers.  

When a customer comes to us with a request, we welcome the opportunity to challenge the status quo and to suggest the best compound to use for that specific application.

Each compound engineered by NEXA is formulated not only to meet but also to exceed the various set of requirements specific to each application: hardness and compression set, elongation at break and tensile strength and last but not least, color.

NEXA offers a wide variety of proprietary compounds that are developed to give the best performance for the most stringent requirements.

Whether your seal needs to sustain extreme operating temperatures, highly corrosive operating environments, for use in dynamic or static applications, we do have the right solution for you.

Here below is a short non-comprehensive list of NEXA proprietary compounds that we have developed along with a short overview of their main characteristics:

  • NEXA XFluor® 9000 series: this series is our top of the line series, specifically designed to meet the most stringent operating conditions (ultra-high purity, semiconductor plasma resistance, nano particles filled). Common applications: Oil & Gas and semiconductors applications.
  • NEXA XFluor® 8000 series: main characteristics include excellent chemical resistance, Anti-Explosive Decompression resistance, amine resistance (improved up to 200°C), water steam resistance (up to 300°C), semiconductor plasma resistance. Common applications: general purpose, Oil &Gas, semiconductors. In compliance with: FDA CFR 21.177.2600, NORSOK M-710 standard.
  • NEXA ETX 3000 series: suitable for low temperature working conditions up to -60°C. This series offers excellent compression set values and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for Anti-Explosive Decompression (AED) resistance applications.
  • NEXA Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) series: this series offers superior performance and is tested in the most critical working conditions. Characteristics: suitable for use at ultra-low temperature working conditions up to -60°C; excellent compression set values; abrasion resistant. Common application fields: where Anti-Explosive Decompression (AED) resistance is required.
  • NEXA FPV series: this series is a special fluorinated synthetic fluoroelastomer polymer (FKM/FPM) designed for harsh environments including aggressive chemical and temperature applications with superior performance. Main characteristics: ultra-low temperature resistance up to -60°C; superior compression set values; good abrasion resistance. Common application fields: where Anti-Explosive Decompression (AED) resistance is required. In compliance with NORSOK M-710 standard.
  • NEXA Fluorosilicon Rubber (FVMQ) series: this series features good compression set and resilience properties. It is suitable for use with ozone, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • NEXA Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) series: this series has a lower compression set, a higher tensile strength, a better resistance to heat aging, and high weathering resistance.


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