Innovative materials for semiconductor applications

NEXA XFluor® perfluoroelastomers for semiconductor applications are engineered to reduce contamination and guarantee longer seal life in aggressive wafer manufacturing environments.

The success of NEXA XFluor® has been field-proven in the manufacture of semiconductors, where processing steps require: high purity, reduced contamination for particulates, resistance to both thermal and chemical exposure that could cause seal deterioration. With NEXA XFluor®, manufacturers gain seal integrity, process purity and, ultimately, high semiconductor wafer yield.

Chemical resistance that is nearly universal, coupled with superior high-temperature properties, enables NEXA XFluor® parts to withstand virtually any process media, including plasma with various gases at temperatures up to 345°C (653F).

By selecting the NEXA XFluor® part that is best suited to a specific application, processors can improve seal performance in all wafer-fabricating operations including thermal, gas deposition, plasma etching and ashing, and wet chemical systems.

NEXA R&Ds latest achievement consists in an innovative chemical resistant perfluoroelastomer filled with a special semi-crystalline perfluoropolymer filler that allows the manufacturing of translucent items with excellent properties.

Some of its unique properties:

  • Excellent final properties without using any metal reinforcing and/or carbon based fillers
  • High purity
  • Outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Outstanding resistance to high temperature conditions
  • Outstanding steam resistance
  • Outstanding compression-set even at very high temperatures
All NEXA XFluor® parts for semiconductor applications are UltraPure post-cleaned and packaged in a ISO 6 (Class 1000) clean room for reduced contamination.

XFLUOR® 8010

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -8°C to +260°C

General purpose applications

XFLUOR® 8012

FFKM 80 ShA White

Temperature range: -8°C to +250°C

Excellent Plasma resistance

Minimal contamination

Very good physical properties

Low metal ions content

XFLUOR® 8034

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -8°C to +260°C

XFLUOR® 8050

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -7°C to +320°C

XFLUOR® 8070

FFKM 70 ShA Black

Temperature range: -32°C to +250°C

XFLUOR® 9030

FFKM 70 ShA Black

Temperature range: -3°C to +325°C

XFLUOR® 9065

FFKM 70 ShA White

Temperature range:  -7°C to +320°C

Innovative plasma resistance shielding

Plasma and Gas depositions processes

XFLUOR® 9090

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -3°C to +335°C

XFLUOR® 9091

FFKM 70 ShA Brown Translucent

Temperature range: -3°C to +325°C

XFLUOR® 9095

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -5°C to +345°C


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