NEXA xFluor®

The Seal to Trust for Tough Sealing Applications

NEXA XFlour® is the family of compounds engineered by NEXA for those demanding sealing applications when customers require the very best.

Supplied in standard O-rings or custom shapes, NEXA XFluor® resists over 1,830 different chemicals while offering high temperature stability up to 345°C.

Its advanced properties help maintain seal integrity, reduce maintenance and operating costs and improve safety.

NEXA XFluor® parts provide reliable, long-term service with a wide range of aggressive industrial and electronic grade chemicals. It is used in highly aggressive chemical processing, semiconductor wafer processing, pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, aerospace and petroleum applications.

NEXA XFluor® perfluoroelastomer parts are available in standard or specialty types that have been formulated to optimize properties and give the best performance in specific applications.

NEXA XFlour® parts are quality assured and are made only by NEXA, a fully integrated manufacturer of both polymers and perfluoroelastomer parts. This capability gives users the assurance of part integrity that only a single-source supplier can guarantee.

NEXA XFlour® production facilities are certified ISO 9001.

Standard O-rings Availability

O-rings made from standard compounds are available from stock in standard AS-568A, metric and JIS sizes.

Many AS-568A, metric and JIS O-ring sizes in commercial compounds may be available for immediate shipment from your local authorized NEXA XFlour® perfluoroelastomer parts distributor. In addition, NEXA maintains inventories of all AS-568A, metric and JIS O-ring sizes.


XFlour® slabs and sheets are available in several sizes and compounds, providing many options to use XFlour® as a flexible sealing solution.

Custom O-rings and Shapes

Custom shapes are designed and molded to your specific requirements. Typical custom shapes include quad-rings, seals washers, diaphragms and custom molded shapes.

A Range of Sizes and Compounds to Meet Your Needs

You are no longer bound by industry standard sizes when you need the performance of XFlour® parts.

NEXA O-rings can be produced in a broad range of customized cross-section and diameter dimensions to meet your specific needs. Cross sections are available within a range of .020″ to .590″ (0.50 mm to 15 mm), and inside diameter within a range of .029″ to 103.46″ (0.74 mm to 2630 mm).

Outstanding Performance

XFluor® is well known for its outstanding chemical resistance and thermal stability. XFluor® O-rings and customized molded shapes provide consistent chemical resistance with thermal performance up to 260°C (500F). When higher thermal capabilities are needed, XFluor® compounds can provide superior performance even at temperatures of 345°C (653F).

Thermal and chemical expansion effects need to be taken into account when dealing with dynamic applications. In these cases, it is even more important to specify the service requirements of the specific application.

Fast Delivery

In addition to improving its offering, NEXA has substantially reduced delivery lead time.

Most NEXA XFluor® O-rings have a standard manufacturing time. For faster service, upon customers request, we can provide expedited delivery depending on current workloads.

How to Specify Your Part

You can specify NEXA O-rings in two ways:

  • By industry-standard reference or
  • By explicit inside diameter and cross-section dimensions

NEXA O-rings can be produced according to several industry standards: SAE AS 568, ISO 3601, JIS B2401, or comparable O-ring standard. Dimensional tolerances for NEXA O-rings meet the requirements of ISO 3601-1.

  • ISO 3601-1 Class A, Class B for general industrial applications
  • ISO 3601-1 for aerospace applications
  • ISO 3601-1 for non standard custom applications

Surface quality complies with:

  • ISO 3601-3 grade N, general purpose
  • ISO 3601-3 grade S, special
  • ISO 3601-3 grade CS, critical service

For other dimensional and surface specifications, contact us or your local NEXA authorized distributor. Your local authorized NEXA distributor will update you on current inventory status and estimated shipment dates.



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