At NEXA our goal is both ambitious and simple: to manufacture the world’s best elastomeric sealing solutions. Hiring and developing creative and talented professionals are an integral part of this strategy.
If you are an individual with a strong attitude to learn and are interested to grow in a fast-pace work environment, we encourage you to explore the different career paths available in our company.


The Commercial function within NEXA is responsible for the marketing and sales of our products to intermediate suppliers such as processors, parts producers, fabricators and distributors. Within our global business teams and sales force, we offer challenging opportunities for individuals interested in sales, marketing and business management.

NEXA also offers a comprehensive training program for new sales professionals that provides the opportunity to learn first-hand about all facets of our organization. You will gain knowledge about our people, businesses, processes, products, technology and customers.

Operations Management

Within the Operations of NEXA there are a wide variety of career opportunities for qualified candidates. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes require the support of chemical, electrical, process control, mechanical and safety & environmental engineers, as well as materials management and supply chain professionals to assure their optimum performance. Our Responsible Care focus on employee safety, process safety and the environment ensures we meet our obligation to the communities in which we operate. Team-based management systems at NEXA manufacturing locations empower employees to develop their skills and personal capabilities as they contribute to business success

Technical Service and Development

Technical Service and Development uses a systems approach to aid customers and end users in the best use of NEXA materials. In addition to providing expertise in material selection for a particular application, our technical professionals also develop new formulations to meet performance and cost requirements.

With our strong technical knowledge, we can step in to help solve unique processing challenges. Our testing and processing facilities closely represent the commercial capabilities found in customer operations, allowing NEXA to prototype these operations prior to full-scale trials at a commercial facility.

Individuals possessing excellent interpersonal and presentation skills along with a degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Polymer Materials Science will find a challenging opportunity with NEXA Technical Service and Development.