Robust material selection

The Nuclear industry relies heavily on elastomers for sealing applications.

Elastomers are often used in the Nuclear Power industry for sealing components, such as for: airlock doors, glove boxes, shielding doors and windows, intermediate and low level waste containment flasks and power generation turbines. 

Possible applications include new-build power stations, containment drum seals and transfer port seals.

Specifying elastomer seals for Nuclear Energy applications requires robust material selection: physical robustness, chemical compatibility and resistance, and temperature performance in the operational environment.

NEXA compounds characteristics:

  • High temperature resistance (320°C)
  • High water steam resistance (300°C)

XFluor® 8050

FFKM 75 ShA Black

Temperature range: -7°C to +320°C

EPP 3383

EPDM 80 ShA Black

Temperature range: -55°C to +150°C


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