Solving Sealing Challenges in the Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry Case study from Nexa

A customer in the chemical industry came to NEXA sharing a challenge that he was experiencing on a valve whose seal was in contact with solvents.

NEXA sealing solution

NEXA decided to proceed testing the seal currently used by the customer. The seal was a simple FKM elastomer.

Other unused seals provided by the customer were tested in operation and showed hardness changes in the range of -30% and a delta volume of +60% on average.

On the basis of these results, NEXA suggested to use an FFKM specifically developed for this application: NEXA XFluor® 8032.

Samples were tested and, upon satisfactory results, NEXA XFluor® 8032 compound was approved for use by the customer.


  • Zero leakage
  • Improved sealing performance and safety
  • Increased life of the seal