Testing NEXA compound for Higher Technical Requirements

Aerospace case study from Nexa

A customer in the aerospace industry requested NEXA to verify compliance of NEXA XFluor® 8050 compound to aerospace industry specification ANS 7257C.

NEXA sealing solution

XFluor® 8050 was originally developed to be used in high temperature applications where high resistance to oxidation (at 320°C) and water steam (at 300°C) was required.

Upon request of the customer, the compound was tested at 175°C (347°F)  for 72 hours for all physical properties as original and versus synthetic lubricant resistance (reference oil: 300).

Aromatic fuel resistance was tested with Fuel B at 23°C (73°F).

Aging resistance (dry heat) was tested at 290°C (554°F) for 72 hours.

Hydraulic fuel resistance was tested in Skydrol LD4 at 125°C (257°F) for 72 hours.

Upon testing, NEXA XFluor® 8050 proved to meet the specifications of ANS 7257C.


  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent resistance to aromatic fuels, hydraulic fluids and gas turbine engine lubricating oils