Purest Seal at Higher Temperatures

Semiconductor case study from Nexa

A customer in the semiconductor industry was in need to increase the temperature of its manufacturing process up to 325°C, in order to improve production speed.

NEXA was asked to develop a new compound with Ultra-Low high temperature compression set that could provide the same purity and chemical resistance of the former seal.

NEXA sealing solution

NEXA chose to customized its XFluor® 9090 compound to meet the customer’s latest requirements.

To verify compliance, the seal was tested to 325°C and 350°C, in direct comparison with the seal formerly used by the customer manufactured by a competitor of ours.

Chemical resistance was established measuring the levels of particles and impurities released in hydrochloric acid (HCl) at 3.6% for 24 hours, in hydrochloric acid (HCl) at 3.6% for 168 hours and in hydrofluoric acid (HF) at 0.5% for 160 hours.


  • The seal has consistently performed above the technical requirements specified by the customer.
  • At 325°C the seal has exceeded the technical requirements of the customer even from the compression set standpoint while the seal from our competitor was completely destroyed.
  • The aging test at 350°C has shown a great stability of the new XFluor® 9090 compound.