Enhancing the Performance of Laboratory Instrumentation

Laboratory Instrumentation case studies

A customer was in need to increase performance and reliability of their instrumentation control machines for use at temperatures as high as 300°C.

NEXA sealing solution

NEXA chose XFluor® 8050 and XFluor® 8058 for their high temperature resistance.

A customer’s production machine was fitted with the new Long life seals. The system was used continuously for six months and ran approximately 90,000 tests during this time. Each test was performed at 195°C, with a typical test time of two minutes. The system was not re-calibrated during this time, a check sample was run at the beginning of each shift to confirm the instrument performance. After 6 months the seals were changed by a production engineer, during the routine Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Program (CPMP).


  • Seals did not age or wear for 6 months
  • Eliminated seal change for 6 months
  • Eliminated re-calibration for 6 Months
  • Eliminated data drift for 6 months
  • Increased instrument uptime
  • NEXA sealing solution kept performing at best even after 90,000 tests (overall performance being 100 times better than the nearest competitor)